Quality management

Actualised procedures and instructions are an essential condition for quality. They show how business processes should be carried out. Procedures alone do not suffice, however. They need to be supported by a user-friendly system that simplifies their management – and that of the documents – via an integrated workflow. RecoMatics makes this type of system available to quality managers, on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint and Office.

Modular, flexible and personalised quality management system

The quality management system proposed by RecoMatics, a document and procedure management system with integrated workflow, is embedded in SharePoint. This provides the following advantages for the quality manager and the internal users:

  • Continuous control over the drawing up of new procedures and instructions
  • Informing all parties involved and distribution of changed and new procedures
  • Follow-up of the correct development of processes
  • Modular and flexible implementation tailor-made to the client is possible because the system is entirely based on SharePoint and Office
  • Internal and external audits become a formality
  • Both in the cloud as on-premise

Quality management with RecoMatics in 10 points

Thanks to the use of generic Microsoft solutions for content management (SharePoint and Office) RecoMatics has a system that offers more advantages than document management alone.

  1. Complete Office integration
  2. Management of the various versions
  3. Generation of documents with templates
  4. Digitalised workflow with read receipt, notifications, complaint settlements, etc.
  5. Automatic filtering of information and documents according to user profile
  6. Visio diagrams with links to the right instructions and procedures
  7. Grouping documents, tasks, newsfeeds, and so on in user-friendly portals
  8. Web-based forms
  9. Online surveys
  10. Advanced search and reporting options

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