New world of work

The digitalisation of the world continues unabated, so we also should digitalise the way we collaborate. RecoMatics successfully supports companies and organisations with this on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint. Because we have developed into an absolute SharePoint expert. And because the supplementation with our in-house developed EasyForm modules offers unprecedented personalisation possibilities.

SharePoint collaboration software: the basis – RecoMatics: customisation

SharePoint is an excellent starting point to make business processes go more smoothly. Our clients will undoubtedly endorse this. But isn’t SharePoint then simply a standard Microsoft product? No! It’s the basis, but it can be customised for any company. This just happens to be the added value of RecoMatics! Our specialists configure the SharePoint environment in such a way that it is perfectly adapted to the needs of the users.

5 questions, 5 content management applications of SharePoint

In brief, SharePoint is a means to let you and your colleagues work together more efficiently. Because information is stored and managed in one central place. And because it can be consulted anytime and anywhere.

1. Do you want access to the latest document version always and everywhere?

No more dozens of versions of the same document passed on in the company by e-mail. With SharePoint a document remains at the same place, you work on it with several people at once, you see who changed what and you share updates via the newsfeed. Furthermore, you can gain access to this document from any location. In the office, at home and even en route.

2. Do you dream of one central information point for your team?

No more walking back and forth in the company looking for information. SharePoint is the place to be for all information concerning your team. Memos, documents, planning, presentations, spreadsheets and so on are conveniently brought together in one central place where your entire team can easily consult them.

3. Does your staff only know what’s happening in their own department?

Your company undoubtedly also has a unique story and its own vision. But how can this be spread within your organisation? And how can you ensure that successes and product launches are shared internally? You’ve guessed it: via SharePoint, the one-stop-shop for sharing news, information, feedback and experiences. It’s the ‘glue’ that ensures that your team continues to function. Because well informed employees are motivated employees.

4. Is your organisation too big to know everyone personally?

SharePoint simplifies the search for the right person. You therefore do not have to reinvent the wheel, but soon end up at the specialist on the matter. Regardless of whether this person is sitting a few desks away or can be found on the other side of the world. The organisation chart, the ‘who is who’ search function, a continuous newsfeed and following certain people and subjects are just some of the features that enable quick answers.

5. Is an efficient search function a must?

Looking up company-based information as easily as on the internet? It’s possible via SharePoint. On the one hand, all searches are centralised in the same place. On the other, the perfect keywords are not strictly necessary for tracing documents, videos, employees or conversations.

More efficient collaboration and document management via SharePoint?

Curious about how RecoMatics can also streamline the management of documents and information in your organisation? We are glad to personally explain how we configure the SharePoint collaboration software until it fully meets your wishes.


If you have any questions or would like additional information, then contact us by phone on +32 (0)9 231 76 86 or let us know via the form below. We will then get in touch with you soon.