Case Study VWR International

Case Study VWR International

Importing extracted line data of over 70,000 scanned invoices in SAP and matching these with actual orders? RecoMatics designed this automation solution for VWR International in Heverlee.

The customer

VWR International (Heverlee) is an international distributor of laboratory supplies (chemicals, equipment, furniture, consumables and clothing). 8,000 employees in 35 countries continuously work to streamline, on an international level, the way researchers manage their stock and maintenance of the lab equipment. Their clientele consist of pharmaceutical and life sciences businesses, public services, the health care industry and the education sector.  

The issue

As distributor of hundreds of thousands products of a large group of manufacturers of scientific material, VWR International receives an enormous number of invoices each year. Processing these invoices has always been a strenuous task for the Finance department. So, to increase the efficiency of the Finance department, VWR was asked to find a solution to automate the invoice processing.

The solution

RecoMatics introduced several EasyForm modules to automate the processing of invoices; from scanning to extracting the invoice data and their integration in SAP, to matching the invoice data with the actual order lines.

This all-in solution offers 4 undeniable benefits:

  1. Automatic document separation via AUDI:  thanks to the EasyForm AUDI module (Automatic Document Identification), invoices can be scanned without any prior requirements. No need to label documents with barcodes or providing tabs. AUDI automatically bundles the scanned pages in invoice documents.   
  2. Auto learning function: the more invoices are being processed, the quicker invoice data will be recognised, decreasing the need for manual input.
  3. Integration with SAP: the extracted invoice data are sent to SAP. SAP then matches quantities and price with the order. Apart from these data, SAP will also store an image of the invoice, rendering researching the physical archive obsolete.
  4. International roll-out: the automated process can be rolled-out with a minimum amount of effort to process the invoices of the international subsidiaries (i.e. the Swedish plant).

The client’s testimonial

“From the start, the benefits of the RecoMatics solution were obvious. From now on, SAP contains all digital data required for automatic data matching. Where before our people had to spend a lot of their time on manual data entry, today we are able to check invoices a lot easier and quicker. Moreover, RecoMatics has been a very flexible partner. Even when the project timeframe was halved compared to its initial planning, they were still able to get the work done and stick to the deadline.”

Kris Nijs, Finance and Controlling Manager VWR International