Case Study Katoen Natie

Case Study Katoen Natie

The Belgian logistics and engineering solutions supplier Katoen Natie approached RecoMatics about the development of a customised solution for digitising different kinds of documents, automating the processing of these documents and for an efficient file management system. The solution is based on a combination of Microsoft SharePoint and RecoMatics’ own EasyForm software.

The customer

Katoen Natie offers integrated logistics solutions, tailor-made to clients all over the world. This Belgium-based business employs 9,300 people worldwide, with a total warehouse capacity of 4.8 million m2.

The issue

Katoen Natie’s IT department not only services the parent company, but all subsidiaries also, with the bulk of these IT activities kept in-house. The enormous number of documents in the organisation however forced Katoen Natie to find an external partner to digitise this flow. Moreover, these documents and data should be merged in files, which simultaneously had to be accessible for multiple users.  

The solution

The solution developed by RecoMatics is a combination of EasyForm and SharePoint. EasyForm in fact compiles a number of modules which were built inhouse on top of SharePoint. Using these modules, all documents – both paper and electronic – at Katoen Natie are scanned and imported. At the same time, document data are extracted and meta-data are added to the scanned and imported documents. All these documents are then merged in files, and made accessible for authorised users through a customised version of SharePoint (or via Navision). These users can edit those cases at all times and from the place they are working.

The benefits

  • Easy management of dossier and documents of different nature, such as invoices, customs clearance documents, contracts, bills of loading, airway bills, legal and administrative documents.
  • Decreased cost and higher efficiency since documents/dossiers are accessible at each work station and stored centrally.
  • Documents and data can be shared without having to make new copies each time.
  • Automatic archiving, retrieval and dossier composition.
  • Paper documents are no longer stored in different versions at different locations.
  • Automation of the legal archiving system.

The client’s testimonial

“The RecoMatics experts can look back on years of experience in documentation digitisation; experience which is enriched with in-depth knowledge of SharePoint and other Microsoft applications, such as Navision and CRM. From the start, this combined profile gave us a good feeling about doing business with RecoMatics.”

“The RecoMatics team consists of top-level IT experts who know each SharePoint feature inside-out.”

Dirk De Bast, Senior IT Manager Katoen Natie