Case Study VWR International

Importing extracted line data of over 70,000 scanned invoices in SAP and matching these with actual orders? RecoMatics designed this automation solution for VWR International in Heverlee.

Case Study Thomas Cook

Automating the processing of 400,000 invoices, with a peak over the summer months: a project right up the street of RecoMatics. RecoMatics, specialising in automatic document management, designed a solution for tour operator Thomas Cook, which scans documents, extracts data, sends these to SAP and then matches the data with those in the booking system.

Case Study Katoen Natie

The Belgian logistics and engineering solutions supplier Katoen Natie approached RecoMatics about the development of a customised solution for digitising different kinds of documents, automating the processing of these documents and for an efficient file management system. The solution is based on a combination of Microsoft SharePoint and RecoMatics’ own EasyForm software.