EasyForm Triple Eyes

Triple Eyes stands for Intelligent Invoice Interpretation System (IIIS). In other words, a smart invoice recognition module. Initially, it was effectively developed for the processing of incoming invoices. Today, however, EasyForm Triple Eyes is a lot more extensive. All types of semi-structured documents such as order forms, delivery notes and of course invoices can be processed.

A completely smooth recognition system isn’t evident. In order to be able to recognise as much data as possible, RecoMatics integrated a self-teaching ‘Autolearning’ function in the Triple Eyes software. Specifically, the system learns as certain layouts are processed more often. The longer EasyForm Triple Eyes is in use, the more efficient it becomes.
What’s also special is the fully automatic document separation. Presorting, separation sheets and barcodes are therefore unnecessary. Furthermore, an unlimited number and/or type of fields can be recognised on the invoice, order form and delivery note.