EasyForm Scan

EasyForm Scan takes care of the interfacing between the scan operator and the scanner. In other words, this module ensures that the operator can intervene in a user-friendly way during the scanning of documents. EasyForm Scan offers him, among others, the following options:

  • Entering the type of documents to be scanned;
  • Returning in a batch of scanned documents;
  • Rejecting scanned images, from the last good scan (and therefore not the entire batch);
  • Sending images directly to the server (scanned on scanners of the brands Kodak, Fujitsu, Canon, BancTec, IBML, VIPS, etc.).

Furthermore, the module offers clear assistance for solving problems when scanning a batch (misfeeds).

Apart from EasyForm Scan for controlling scanners, this module also exists in a version for controlling reading and sorting machines (with printing support). RecoMatics also has a standalone version in its range with which documents can be directly scanned to a folder.