EasyForm Satellite Server

Do (large volumes of) documents need to be scanned on remote locations, but the processing and/or storage is central? And do data lines not have the capacity to do this in real time? Then EasyForm Satellite Server is used for an optimisation of the available bandwidth.

EasyForm Satellite Server uses a local PC on the remote location(s). The primary function of this module is buffering the recorded images until the time they can be sent to the central site. Sending the images can be programmed with EasyForm Satellite Server. This way, the user himself decides the time of sending and the allowed capacity on the lines.

If Key Entry is still required on the remote location or the images need to be available locally for a workflow or CMS application, then EasyForm Satellite Server will also buffer these images.

Remote scanning via EasyForm Satellite Server also offers support for the legally prescribed retention period  and archiving of invoice documents.