EasyForm Reco

Reco(gnition). It’s in our company name RecoMatics, but also in EasyForm Reco. This module anticipates one of the showpieces of our company: the automatic recognition of scanned documents. This automatic data extraction always goes in various stages: image improvement, recognition, validation, calculation of the metadata result and output generation.

EasyForm Reco recognises barcodes, OMR and OCR fields, handwriting or full text. For documents that were scanned with one scanner, but also in case of multiple scanners. The recognition module can run parallel on several servers. In this case, the internal mechanism of EasyForm provides the automatic load balancing between the servers.

With the installation of the EasyForm Reco module the client also gains access to the definition tool (defining document types, fields and validation rules) and the monitor (following up the progress of the processes and possibly troubleshooting).

EasyForm Reco is available in several versions. Barcodes and OCR fields can be read with the introductory version. OMR (Optical Mark Reading) and handwriting recognition are also automatically provided. Document separation (bundling) is done through a separation page or a barcode. Full text and 2D barcodes are also recognised in the extension of the basic version.