EasyForm NxG Workflow

EasyForm NxG Workflow is an extension of the EasyForm NxG module. It enables modelling complete business processes in a structured workflow. In other words, it ensures that the tasks to be carried out neatly succeed each other. Automatic and in the right order.

Generally, workflows are triggered through the creation or the entering of a document within the EasyForm NxG/SharePoint environment (a phone call is also possible). EasyForm NxG Workflow then automatically offers a task to the user (via a task list or e-mail). The task is given a maximum execution duration so the system can take the necessary action when this time is exceeded. This can range from informing an executive to sending it on to another handler or moving on to a different step in the process. Every time a task is finished, this EasyForm module ‘calculates’ who will be the following handler of a ‘case’.

The abovementioned steps succeed each other automatically, but the user interface also allows manual steps. A user can therefore also add remarks that can be seen by the next handler. The system can even be configured in such a way that data are compiled. Data that in turn can be exchanged with existing systems.

The EasyForm NxG Workflow module enables defining actions on SharePoint objects. For instance, the receipt of an order can lead to the content of the commercial site being copied to a project site.

EasyForm NxG enables the creation of new workflows or changing existing ones in an easy way with graphic support. There is standard support to be able to work with various versions of the same workflow definition. EasyForm NxG Workflow is supplied with a number of standard activities that enable decision-taking, assigning manual tasks, etc. All Microsoft WF4 compatible activities can be involved in EasyForm NxG workflows.