EasyForm NxG

EasyForm NxG comprises the various functions that are necessary to achieve ‘structured’ document management or more general ‘content management’, which can be extended with workflow and file management.

By combining the EasyForm NxG module with SharePoint we create the structured and the non-structured environment. We combine collaborative ‘sites’ with structural workflow and combine the ease of access to documents via navigation with the advanced search options across all content (SharePoint and EasyForm NxG) that is also necessary in larger environments or in cases we aren’t familiar with.

Specifically, this module introduces extensive metadata to documents. A ‘document’ can be a scanned page, a group of scanned pages, a Word or Excel file or a combination of files (for instance, a ‘quotation’ in PDF with descriptive text and prices, together with an MS Project file with the planning).
One of the main advantages of EasyForm NxG is that this module gives the user the possibility of detailed searching in the metadata of the documents. In addition, the security can be set up in such a way that access to certain documents can be made dependent on the value of certain metadata.
EasyForm NxG consists of various editions, depending on the scope of the environment you wish to automate.