EasyForm Line Extract & Matching

EasyForm Triple Eyes recognises data on invoice level, while EasyForm Line Extract extracts data up to the level of individual invoice lines. In some cases it is, however, also necessary to compare these invoice lines to the data of the ERP system. This can be done easily via the EasyForm Line Extract & Matching module.

EasyForm Line Extract & Matching automatically compares the data recognised on invoice line level with those of the ERP system. This module ensures that the invoice and the ERP data no longer need to be manually compared line per line. A comparison that is necessary when processing invoices for commodities, but that is seriously simplified using EasyForm Line Extract & Matching.

If possible, EasyForm Line Extract & Matching immediately makes the link between the invoiced data and the expected invoice lines such as those present in the ERP system. If this isn’t possible, then the invoice is offered to an operator, who can view the invoice, the ERP data and the recognised data on one screen. This way, he/she can still link manually or launch the integrated abnormality settlement. For the latter, a workflow starts where the abnormality is examined by the right people.