EasyForm LEA

The legal archiving of electronic invoices can save a lot of storage space and classification work. EasyForm Legal Electronic Archive (LEA) offers a handy solution in this field.

When drawing up the invoice guidelines, the legislator left space for various technical alternatives because of which original documents no longer need to be archived. RecoMatics converted these guidelines in a user-friendly software package that enables the destruction of paper invoices and their legal archiving: EasyForm LEA.

After detailed study we chose the sealing algorithm. Mainly because we wanted to let our clients work independent of external parties. In addition, this way we avoid recurrent costs that are related to some alternatives.

The EasyForm LEA module takes account of all practical circumstances that hamper the implementation of a legal archive:

  • It supports a Multi Company and a Multi Site environment.
  • It creates a surveyable purification list for incorrectly scanned documents.
  • It distinguishes images for the legal archive (300 dpi colour and recto/verso) and images that are used daily.
  • It integrates the possibility of clicking from the operational to the legal environment in case of inspection.

The EasyForm LEA module is mainly used as a solution for incoming invoices, but it can also be used for outgoing invoices. This prevents a paper copy of each outgoing invoice having to be systematically filed.