EasyForm Key Entry

EasyForm Key Entry is used to add data (metadata) to scanned or imported documents. This can happen after data extraction – in view of adding data that are not recognised or were recognised with too little probability – but also without previous data extraction.

The standard version of EasyForm Key Entry is document-based. The image of the page is shown next to the zone where the metadata needs to be entered. The user can then zoom in and out, by scrolling through the images and adapting the bundling if necessary.

If full text recognition was applied to the documents to be processed during the data extraction, then the user can take over data with the ‘Point & Click’ method. The recognition result is then shown in a ‘tool tip’ when the user scrolls over the image.

In addition to the basic version, EasyForm Key Entry is also available in a more extensive version for the processing of large volumes of forms. During its development, special attention was paid to the ergonomic principles. The screen was thus developed in view of optimum productivity of the data entry person. Furthermore, the screen is stripped of all images or information that aren’t relevant for the data to be entered. For this reason the images are often segmented on the screen when this is useful.