EasyForm IPS

IPS stands for Invoice Processing System. This module – an extension of EasyForm NxG Workflow – is therefore specifically applied to the simplification of the processing of incoming invoices. On the one hand by streamlining the approval process, on the other by compiling all required information for the right and complete entry.

The EasyForm IPS module starts from the moment invoices come in in the EasyForm NxG system. This can also be done from an EasyForm Triple Eyes module (applied to scanned invoices), but of course invoices are also supported that are supplied (via e-mail) as a PDF or via providers such as Certipost, Isabel or OBI10.

The main functions of EasyForm IPS are:

  1. Screening the approval process of an invoice
    After the successive handlers are determined via the EasyForm NxG Workflow module, the amount of the progress of the invoice processing and the approval are recorded centrally in the database. This can be consulted at each workplace (by users with the necessary access rights).
  2. Collecting additional information for the right and complete entry
    Each IPS user has the possibility of adding documents (order forms, contracts, agreements) that are necessary for the treatment of the invoice. This results in a mini file – a ‘case’ – around the invoice document.
  3. Status follow-up of invoice processing
    The history of the invoice processing, the various steps and the people involved are visible any time each IPS user is involved in the treatment of the invoice. In addition, the IPS user can add an explanation when he sends the invoice to another user. This way, it‘s clear for everyone what happened where, and why.

The EasyForm IPS module is widely applicable. It is after all integrated with the systems of SAP, JD-Edwards, Oracle Financials, Venice, Navision, IBS, CODA and numerous other proprietary systems.