Generic and specific modules

EasyForm is the collective name of the modules RecoMatics has developed over the years. They integrate with each other as well as with SharePoint and provide a structural contribution to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and the digitalisation of processes.

We distinguish two types of modules: the generic and the specific. The generic modules can be used for various applications. Their functions are, after all, useable in many domains. Examples of generic modules are EasyForm Scan, EasyForm Reco and EasyForm Workflow.

The specific modules are set up on the basis of the generic modules, but functions were added to each of these modules depending on a specific application. This way, RecoMatics currently has, among others, EasyForm modules for the processing of incoming invoices, service vouchers and SEPA transfers.

Thanks to the various EasyForm modules, RecoMatics can provide a customised service, as only the modules are used that are necessary for the individual needs of each client. Together with SharePoint a personalised solution is created for small, medium-sized and large enterprises.

12 EasyForm modules for a solution to every need

  • EasyForm Scan: interfacing between scan operator and the scanner;
  • EasyForm Reco: automatic data extraction from documents;
  • EasyForm Key Entry: adding metadata to documents;
  • EasyForm Triple Eyes: recognising invoices;
  • EasyForm Line Extract: data extraction on invoice line level;
  • EasyForm Line Extract & Matching: comparing invoice lines with ERP data;
  • EasyForm NxG: structured document management;
  • EasyForm NxG Workflow: modelling business processes in workflow;
  • EasyForm IPS: processing incoming invoices;
  • EasyForm Satellite Server: scanning on remote locations;
  • EasyForm LEA: legally prescribed retention period of electronic invoices;
  • EasyForm Import: importing images from another environment.