Service vouchers processing

RecoMatics has a specific solution for the automated processing and checking of service vouchers. It is based on several EasyForm modules and has been provided to Edenred (the former Accor), later also to Sodexo and over 20 accredited companies.

Scanning and data extraction as a key for fast processing

The first step in the processing of service vouchers is always scanning both sides of the voucher with a specially adapted reading and sorting machine. It ‘reads’ the images and extracts the required information, such as:

  • The value of the voucher
  • The expiry date
  • The user’s code
  • The date of the achievement
  • The achievement code
  • The employee’s national social security number
  • The presence of signatures

In addition, the machine sorts the vouchers per month of achievement, expired vouchers are put in a separate section, as well as unsigned vouchers. The recognition number and/or national social security number can be printed on the voucher so stamping is no longer necessary.

Total solution for the automatic processing of service vouchers

After scanning, the data are passed on to the planning system of the accredited company. This way, the achievements can be linked to the received cheques. Via a user friendly interface, the key entry operator can quickly link documents to the right achievement date. Finally, the RecoMatics system sees to the necessary dockets that accompany the vouchers to the issuer.

All this provides the following advantages:

  • Fast processing
  • Minimum amount of manual work
  • Extremely reliable recognition
  • Images of the vouchers are saved and remain available after processing
  • Correct wage calculation by matching data of vouchers with the actual achievements of the employees (in the planning system)
  • Combination of scanning and printing
  • Extensive experience at recognised issuers of service vouchers


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