Invoice processing and Purchase to Pay

Invoices. No one escapes them. Sometimes a whole stack of them comes in per day. Increasingly electronically, but also still on paper. In both cases an automated system for the processing of these invoices makes your organisation a lot more efficient. RecoMatics offers this type of advanced system customised to your company; on the basis of SharePoint. For several thousands to hundreds of thousands of invoices a year, whether or not linked to a purchase management system (Purchase to Pay).

Scanning, automatic recognition and automated workflow

Automatic processing of incoming invoices via scanning and recognition. It’s rather a mouthful, but how does RecoMatics specifically ensure that workflows run smoothly? We depart from our many years of expertise in the field of a variety of document types and then set up a system that is user-friendly, personalised and efficient. This all-encompassing system is based on SharePoint and is supplemented with our own EasyForm modules. The result is a software package with the following functions:

  • Scanning: invoices are scanned upon receipt; electronic invoices are imported;
  • Automatic recognition: the supplier and invoice data are read in automatically (without the invoices having to be provided with a barcode);
  • Approval flow: the invoice bundle (consisting of the scanned invoice pages and corresponding documents) is electronically led through the organisation;
  • Entry information is compiled (cost centre, account number, project number, etc.);
  • Status follow-up: you know at any time which invoice is with who and what its status is;
  • Central document management: all required documents for the finalisation of the case are easily and always accessible.

To summarise, the automated processing of invoices leads to a lower use of paper, shorter lead times and finally, higher efficiency. After all, you no longer have to consult various colleagues to be able to answer supplier questions. This system also works perfectly in case of various branches.

Purchase to Pay

You can directly create orders in the EasyForm system:

  • Step 1: The order request is created by the user in the system. This can be done via a web form to which a variety of documentation such as quotations, technical specifications, drawings, etc. are linked.
  • Step 2: The approval process. The entry information is compiled and the order is led through the organisation. The order form is generated after approval. It is printed or sent to the selected supplier by e-mail. The order is filed in the system.
  • Step 3: The incoming invoice is linked to the order and can thus be smoothly processed internally.

RecoMatics has a series of EasyForm modules that can fully steer this integrated process in the right direction. From the digitalised purchasing system to the processing of incoming invoices via scanning and automatic recognition.

Integrated line matching

For the invoice processing of commodities, EasyForm links the expected invoice lines – as they are present in the ERP system – and the actually invoiced numbers and amounts. This application ensures that the invoice and the ERP data no longer have to be compared manually line by line.

Automatic invoice processing and/or Purchase to Pay via SharePoint?

Curious about how RecoMatics can digitalise the processing of incoming invoices? Or how we coordinate the process of creation of the order up to its payment? We are glad to explain how we enable this with our EasyForm modules.


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