Capture To Dynamics CRM


The Capture module provides an easy way to save documents in CRM cases. This totally web-based solution, perfectly integrated in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, can add documents immediately from multiple devices to any CRM entity (contact, account, opportunity...). The solution uses SharePoint 2013 on-premise or in the cloud as a platform for storing the documents. 

The module contains these components:

  • Multi-channel Import (scanner, Outlook, Drag & Drop, ...)
  • Compose & Assign Documents
  • View Documents

Multi-channel Import

Add documents from the browser directly to your CRM cases using:

  • Scanner: USB scanner or multifunctional printer.
  • Outlook: e-mails and/or attachments all allocated via the Outlook MailApp.
  • iPad: pictures via the film roll or camera.
  • Desktop: drag & drop Office documents, PDF documents...

Compose & Assign Documents

Using the Compose & Assign panel, pages can be bundled into different documents and tagged with the correct document type. To minimize the workload, metadata will automatically be assigned based on the Dynamics CRM business context you are working on.

View and manage Documents

The SharePoint 2013 WebPart ensures an ergonomic view on the documents in the case. SharePoint functionalities as versioning, co-authoring and webbased viewing are part of the solution.


  • User friendly interface.
  • CRM can check if all documents are present.
  • All your information on one place, including documents.
  • Search: easily find your documents from within CRM
  • All documents are managed in SharePoint.


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